Thursday, 11 February 2010

Functions of Hedgerow - Andrew Paine (SOR31) - Norman Speaks!

Thanks to Norman Records for this recent review on 'Functions of Hedgerow' by Andrew Paine

"Spooky CDr from Andrew Paine. Occasionally employing a muted take on spoken word performance within the realms of these haunting, screeing & whirring tendrils of drone modulation, in the process creating a sinister but utterly captivating backdrop. I've always been a fan of spooked sounds and 'Functions of Hedgerow' doesn't remotely disappoint. The track 'Scent of Green', for instance, sounds like Broadcast creeping through a seriously haunted wood at the dead of night, wavering, quivering analog keys being enveloped by dark spectral shadows. I'd love to listen to this in the dark with just some flickering candles for company! Utterly beautiful, menacing stuff!"

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