Monday, 1 February 2010

After Wednesday

Scott McKeating recently reviewed 'After Wednesday' for Foxy Digitalis:

Where much of Andrew Paine’s solo work has a progressive rock/experimental bent, this is probably the most pure ambient/scape piece he’s released to date. Just shy of 27 minutes long, “After Wednesday” is a gorgeously skeletal blend of both being-alone and loss formed from the seeds of empty room piano, gentle free percussion and bird sound field recordings. Paine has made a record that somehow feels outside of everyday reality, somewhere outside of real life but still connected through melancholy and remembrance. It’s also a record that finds itself placed between two different aural environments. With bird recordings sounding like they’re taken from deep in a wood, the artwork pushes the mind towards the idea of post-dawn drifting across a lake. There’s a kind of inward-looking detachment here, (making it tempting to want to get in touch and ask if everything’s ok), “After Wednesday” is a man’s quiet moments filtered through a sparingly glitter-flecked fug. 9/10

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