Thursday, 25 November 2010

Space Weather - The Weather's Maiden - SOLD OUT

Apollolaan Recordings have just released 'The Weather's Maiden' by Space Weather.

Matthew writes:

"As we approach the Solstice, and are faced with frosts and snow, a wonderful display of the bright moon and stars lighting up the night sky we give you Space Weather as your soundtrack.

The Weather's Maiden" comes in the format of a 3"cdr with original hand painted covers on all 60 hand numbered and assembled copies.

Space Weather are;

Alistair Crosbie - electric guitar
Brian Lavelle - synthesizer
Andrew Paine - electric bass guitar

Scott McKeating has previously described the Space weather sound...

"With Space Weather’s music you can either choose to descend into the gentle flicker patterns of Lakia’s cabin or float above the nightscapes of Scotland’s glittering and smoky towns."

"Keep watching the skies...." x

Please visit for information on how to pick up your copy of 'The Weather's Maiden'.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Soliloquy Sun

Soliloquy Sun is an ambient and experimental outfit comprised of varying members and instruments. It was created out of an idea Will Klingenmeier (Burning Shutter, Still Light) had to gather various musicians to play improvised music based around simple chord progressions and/or spontaneously create music.

These recordings drift out into the room: sombre, reflective, nocturnal, deeply personal: this is a highly original work, owing much to the techniques of jazz improvisation and the early pioneering minimalist composers.

Recorded in Spring 2010, this is simply one of the most evocative recordings Sonic Oyster has put out to date.

STRICTLY limited to 50 copies, 'Soliloquy Sun' is available from 29 November 2010. The CDR release costs 5GBP and is available for pre-order now.

POSTAGE & PAYPAL INFORMATION - CDRS - In the UK, please add 50p towards p&p for one disc, £1 for 2 or more. Outside the UK, please add £1 towards p&p for one disc, £2 for 2 or more. Paypal is preferred - the address is sonicoysterrecords (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk.

'From the Sun', which features on 'Soliloquy Sun' can be heard by visiting

Friday, 19 November 2010

Space Weather: Low Earth - High Praise

"There seems to have been some rough stellar conditions at the Space Weather satellite for the recording of their second album. Where their bass, synth and guitar debut, “Untitled,” was a relatively warm melancholic drone affair with plenty of clear night sky in its sights, the instrumental Low Earth takes things down a few clicks on the Celsius scale. This Glasgow/Edinburgh-based trio have turned their hand to a much darker record this time around. It’s what you’d imagine the soundtrack to the deep low moods of space station downtime to sound like – the “low” part of the record’s title is right on the money. Where “Untitled” was certainly cut from a similarly instrumental blanket of stars, Low Earth’s five tracks feel a little icier in direction. With “Tramsmute The Black Rock,” a gloriously prog title if ever there was one, there’s even a journey into the instrumental melodic tundrascapes between The Cure’s “Faith” and “Pornography” albums. The introductory “How Far Is It?” sits in a cold orbit around a colder Earth, the sense of a distance come and a distance to go running deep through the track’s minimal electronics. As it fades out into the distance, the closing shots of Silent Running in a forever-loop are the only appropriate visuals. Still too short at nearly nineteen minutes long, the vast “A Brief Swansong” is a wash of drone waves against the mind’s shore. An open space of eddies and bass notes lost in water, the track is a rootless piece of minimalism brooding against the horizon line. Bleaker, but better than their debut." Scott McKeating (writing for foxy digitalis)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Norman Gets Old Skool...

"Andrew Paine & his little-known chum Ricardo Youngster have released a tape! A REAL old-skool DIY tape wot looks it woz made it in a skool for a project to please Miss! Except Miss has had to go home with a suspected borderline mind-aneurysm after she put it on the tape player, like REALLY freakin' loud cause it started all quiet like, then transformed into a load of whacked-out screeing frequency manipulation & lo-fi feedback. Then she started screaming as the distorshun became, like, really evil-loud, like some doom style sludge nightmare. Miss had to cover her ears even harder but then blood and bits of brain started spurting horribly from between her fingers and then she kollapsd all over the floor and we laughed then we got a bit consurned. So we rang Mr Bowers the music teech. He came along & giggled and said he'd sent it to Miss as a joke but it may have backfired. "It's not like this all the way through kids, if you persist it gets real churchy, but in a Satan kind of way" he then said. "But Mr Bowers.." we replied "We're all scared now, what do we do?"..... "There is nothing you can do, children" he solemnly intoned. "You're all damned to hell now". So I'm actually afraid to go home this evening, just in case my Mum & Dad have turned into demonic wolves...." (Brian... at Norman Records)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Volcanic Tongue Cracks the Seal

Edition of only 50 copies cassette from the duo of Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine. This is some of the most aggressive and brutally a-formal of their work together, moving from semi-static blocks of black drone to crude electro-wrassling and the kind of blunt circuit exchanges that characterised the early Akita/Null duos. Comes sealed inside a wraparound paper sleeve – but are you brave enough to crack it. A classy old school release from these two. Very limited supply, obviously.