Thursday, 25 November 2010

Space Weather - The Weather's Maiden - SOLD OUT

Apollolaan Recordings have just released 'The Weather's Maiden' by Space Weather.

Matthew writes:

"As we approach the Solstice, and are faced with frosts and snow, a wonderful display of the bright moon and stars lighting up the night sky we give you Space Weather as your soundtrack.

The Weather's Maiden" comes in the format of a 3"cdr with original hand painted covers on all 60 hand numbered and assembled copies.

Space Weather are;

Alistair Crosbie - electric guitar
Brian Lavelle - synthesizer
Andrew Paine - electric bass guitar

Scott McKeating has previously described the Space weather sound...

"With Space Weather’s music you can either choose to descend into the gentle flicker patterns of Lakia’s cabin or float above the nightscapes of Scotland’s glittering and smoky towns."

"Keep watching the skies...." x

Please visit for information on how to pick up your copy of 'The Weather's Maiden'.

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