Monday, 28 February 2011

Clutter - Review

Norman looks beyond the clutter and reports:

"A kind of dark, swirling chamber kosmiche/ambient tangent, Clutter has created something organic & cerebral from contributed noises & sounds which he has re-arranged & processed to create something quite wonderful. I don't particularly want to rattle on too much about this as the music is of a rich, fascinating quality, 'Live at the Bombed Out Church' takes you right off on a dream-like astral plain. Does this church exist? If so, I want to go." Norman Records

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Norman is Nowhere... and... Nowhere Else

"This single piece was recorded live in Warsaw in 2010 and clocks in at just under thirty minutes. Here Sindre is summoning ghosts buried deep in magnetic tape, using Dictaphones, feedback and lord knows what. The results are unsettling drones and hums, distant creaks, strange frequencies and the sounds of plankton having a rave while toucans try and battle them off the decks armed with blowpipes that shoot out ever-lasting gobstoppers. Bizarre samples/ loops are employed/ deployed creating strange and mysterious audio environs. Some things are really deep in the mix and sometimes I'm wondering if what I'm hearing is just my imagination... Who Knows??? Edition of 50 copies." (Norman Records

Clutter - Live At The Bombed Out Church (SOR46)

'Live At The Bombed Out Church' is a big shimmering, swirling, electro-acoustic album, full of twisting ambient melodies.

Boasting an enormous range of impressions, Clutter is never afraid to just let things be, to swirl around a groove and let the sonic entropy do the work for him.

'Church' constantly evolves and expands; its path of development building on sumptuous tones, simple loops, multi-field recordings - constantly clashing, complementing and contrasting into a rich yielding electronic soup.

Clutter (Shaun Blezard), works between the fields of electroacoustic improvisation, ambient electronics and music concrete, adding touches of anything from dub, jazz and post rock to his eclectic mix of influences.

He is interested in areas of music where genres meet and finding ways to incorporate this melding of influences back into his music. His working method involves the use of field recordings, both raw and processed, to convey a sense of place and narrative, with the immediate sonic environment at the core of his work. He combines this with electronics and traditional instruments. His current set up involves laptop, I-Phone, Nintendo DS, a number of effects pedals, and guitar and bass.

He is also a regular improviser on the improv circuit where he has been developing ways of working with electronics alongside traditional players on this scene and also with jazz musicians.

Clutter has been involved in a number of recordings since 2001 under his own name and with a variety of other projects, including orfeo 5, Good Noise Bad Noise, Aht-n and with composer Susan Matthews. Recordings include releases on Clinical Archives, Dokuro and Earth Monkey Productions.

Listen to 12 January 1831 from 'Live At The Bombed Out Church' at

STRICTLY limited to 50 copies, 'Live At The Bombed Out Church' is available from 21 February 2011. The CDR release costs 5GBP and is available for pre-order now.

POSTAGE & PAYPAL INFORMATION - CDRS - In the UK, please add 50p towards p&p for one disc, £1 for 2 or more. Outside the UK, please add £1 towards p&p for one disc, £2 for 2 or more. Paypal is preferred - the address is sonicoysterrecords (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk.

If you want to see what is happening in the wider Clutter universe visit or - got a couple of new releases coming out as soon as I master them and some more remasters of old net label stuff