Sunday, 15 May 2011

Volcanic Tongue Lifts Into My Hands

Thanks to Heather and David from the ever excellent Volcanic Tongue, for the lovely review of 'Lift into my Hands' by Andrew Paine:

"New solo piano work from Andrew Paine that operates on the very extremes of volume/fidelity: following on from his earlier solo piano work, The Haunts Of Ancient Peace, Lift Into My Hands dissolves the instrument in foggy blooms of tone that expand with all of the slow-motion majesty of colour into water. The percussive aspect of the keys is completely submerged so that instead there are just sighing clouds of melody that move in forlorn shapes across landscapes shaped like memories. If you’re a fan of Andrew Chalk you need to check in. Numbered edition of only 50 copies. Recommended."

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