Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Band - Abstruse

The A Band - Abstruse
Sonic Oyster Records (SOR 48)
Strictly limited (numbered) edition of 50 on 3” CDR
£5.00 plus postage & packaging

Simon Murphy
Karl M V Waugh
Alasdair Willis

Recorded live 18th November 2010 @ The Iron Duke

The A-Band deliver a righteous ritual of ‘primitive’, over 22 glorious minutes: fucked up free jazz: unfettered avant-abuse. It is a beautiful thing.

to listen to a short extract from 'abstruse'.

POSTAGE & PAYPAL INFORMATION - CDRS - In the UK, please add 50p towards p&p for one disc, £1 for 2 or more. Outside the UK, please add £1 towards p&p for one disc, £2 for 2 or more. Paypal is preferred - the address is sonicoysterrecords (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk.

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