Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Chapel of Stars - Free Download

I've recently uploaded a new e.p. to my bandcamp site: www.andrewpaine.bandcamp.com

The 'Chapel of Stars' ep was completed over two days at SOR Mansions, Spring 2010.

Fall of Acre
He Was a King

I think my original intention was to record approx. 45 minutes of material and link the pieces with some 'third crusade' conceptual hogwash - hence the title 'Fall of Acre'.

Having recorded five pieces and leaving the material for a week, I took my lack of new ideas or willingness to do battle with the 'axe' as a sign to leave it gathering dust and move on.

Move on I did... recording 'Haunts of Ancient Peace' the following month.

I came back to these 'Crusade' pieces recently and discarded two of them immediately - for they were tosh of the highest order.

However... three slabs of guitar have survived.

I gift to those who are interested in such things, a free download... which welcomes the listener with repeating riffs, looped phrases, scorching guitar melodies over a timeless space drone stasis.

I hope you enjoy it - please let me know what you think


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