Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Urban Parable - Reviews

Norman Records... hitting the nail on the head

"Couldn't tell you much about the work of Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine as they've kinda passed me by... You probably know their stuff better than I. What we're treated to here is thirty minute astral jam utilizing elements of electro, house, techno, hip-hop, coffee table jazz, drum 'n' bass and freeform improv to create a strange party mix tape that goes on into infinity. The majority of what I've heard so far is relatively tranquil and atmospheric making the most of warm vocal tones and semi-freeform loops and beats but occasionally it kicks off in a relatively vague and inconsistent ways which makes for fun yet frustrating listening. These guys are basically teasing. I guess that's the beauty of this piece, it's a euphoric exploration of dance music and it's technologies without all the usual pay-off moments you'd expect as a punter. Slightly frustrating but worth sticking with for the magic moments." Business Lady

" Where do we even begin with this one? Anyone who thinks they might have finally got their head around the prodigious arc of Richard Young’s recent catalogue is gonna have to throw their hands in the air: Urban Parable is a new group project from Richard and Andrew Paine that masquerades as a mysterious unit coming out of the 90s rave scene (?!?) – think Ilk playing the dance tent dressed in white jump suits, sucking on menthol inhalers and waving glo-sticks. Or don’t. Richard’s soaring vocals are married to euphoric techno, brokedown drum and bass, primitive house and block rocking beats in one of the most unlikely recordings of his entire career. If you thought Ultrahits was a bold step into the pop void then this is really going to confuse you, 90s techno completely misconstrued. Obviously, you need to hear it. Edition of only 50 copies though, so better make it quick. Highest possible confusion." (Volcanic Tongue)

" Urban Parable... I mean, what the fuck?" (Alistair Crosbie)

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