Monday, 27 June 2016

SOR50 arrived to celebrate the 50th CD-R release of the label. That was back in 2011. I think it's time to re-boot the series and take the first steps towards SOR100. 

If you would like to send something for consideration... send it over to I can't guarantee I'll like it, but I guarantee I'll listen to it and get back to you.

Releases will be limited to an edition of 50. 

Here's what the greatly missed Volcanic Tongue had to say about SOR50:

"Fantastic new compilation celebrating the fiftieth release on Andrew Paine’s consistently excellent Sonic Oyster imprint, with exclusive unreleased tracks from Richard Youngs (a song from his unreleased B Sides for Ultrahits project!), Richard Youngs & Andrew Paine, a beautiful drone work from Alistair Crosbie, The Zero Map with Wellington Squares (A Band related), Buddha On The Moon, Andrew Paine (US), Susan Matthews, Bolide, Clutter, Matthew Shaw, Brian Lavelle, Astral Social Club, Andrew Paine (UK), Will Klingenmeier, Book Of Shadows, Sindre and a final amazing blow-out from Glasgow’s Smoke Jaguar that pretty much justifies the entrance fee on its own"


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