Sunday, 16 June 2013

Richard Youngs - Barbed Wire Explosion in the Kingdom of Atlantis

Richard Youngs 'Barbed Wire Explosion in the Kingdom of Atlantis' is now available for pre-order on Sonic Oyster Records for £10.00 plus postage & packaging.

The album comes with full lyric sheet and is limited to an edition of 250. It will not be available in any other format.

Here's Richard's press release:

'Barbed Wire Explosion in the Kingdom of Atlantis is the sound of Richard Youngs attempting to recreate the sound of a band at the peak of its powers. Homemade in Glasgow to the backdrop of everyday life, nothing is hidden on this record. It is raw, direct, unpretentious, loud, fast, brief.

Richard Youngs' 38th solo album finds him revisiting a key influence on his adolescent self. He has had 30+ years to forget and now rediscover the joy of d-beat.'

The album is officially released on the 24th June, but you can pre-order directly now from

If you're desperate to get the album a week early, Volcanic Tongue will be selling it from Monday 17th June, with lyric sheet signed by Richard. You can find Volcanic Tongue at

This is going to sell out fast, so don't delay in ordering your copy.

A track from 'Barbed Wire' can be heard on soundcloud:


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