Sunday, 2 October 2011

Volcanic Tongue... on... Clachan Flats

"Stunning new cassette from the duo of Stuart Crutchfield and Kevin McCarvel that pretty much cements their reputation as the best ‘rock’ band in the UK right now, with six tracks of devolved drums/guitar/vocals/electronics that come over like the early Royal Trux cassette that Xpressway never released. McCarvel’s vocals exist on the very limits of subliminal sound with the feel of a more beatific Michael Morley hovering over raggedy guitar kinetics that stagger in and out of clipped melodies w/a martial aspect that is totally exhilarating. Throw in the collapsing universe feel of your favourite South Island satellite and the kind of epic fuzz/ reverb excursions that could easily be Japanese and you got alla the ingredients for the cassette release of the year thus far. And, sure, they may feature a baldy, but there ain’t no laptops in sight. This is bloodied freeform rock at some kind of deformed tactile apex and easily their most accomplished release to date. Edition of only 50 copies, already sold out at source, highly recommended!" David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

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