Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Susan Matthews & Richard Moult - Music For Two Pianos Vol 1 (SOR49) SOLD OUT

Strictly Limited to 50 copies on CDR
£5.00 plus postage & packaging
Released 20th June: SOLD OUT

Susan Matthews is a UK based composer/musician, known for her intense, ambitious, hypnotic harmonies and industrial noise creations: Richard Moult is a poet, painter and composer, and a member of Irish psych-folk band United Bible Studies.
‘Music For Two Pianos Vol 1’ is their first collaboration: a ‘classical’ transmission: personal, meaningful, emotive.
The playing is beautiful: the dynamics, tempo and expression of the music located somewhere between creative improvisatory deviation and the discipline of trained musical tradition.

Listen to ‘Aria’ at http://soundcloud.com/sonic-oyster-records/susan-matthews-richard-moult

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