Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fougou - Atlantis (for John Michell) - Reviews

Wonderful Wooden Reasons reflect on the Fougou:

"Fougou is the collaborative project of Brian Lavelle and Matthew Shaw. It's my first exposure to Shaw but Lavelle is a regular to these pages and a very welcome one at that. Atlantis is an introspective and ephemeral listen filled with melancholic sighs and slow washes of breathy sound. It's dedicated to John Michell who is described in the sleeve notes as a 'writer & dreamer'. I cannot comment on how the former noun is referenced in the music but the second is all pervasive and the music maintains a satisfyingly oneiric character throughout that I'm sure he would have approved of."

Writing for foxy digitalis, Scott McKeating reviews the latest Fougou release on SOR:

"Fougou make journeys. The kind of journeys that see the owner sinking into a soundscape. And while it’s certainly not uncommon for experimental music to seek to take its listener somewhere on a journey, Fougou make the Fantastic Voyage movie look like a paper boat sightseeing trip in six-inch puddle. Starting with the measured swell of waters, like waves through alloy aqueducts, there’s an underpinning of delicate structures ringing – picture the construction of aural sugar cages through fog (if you know what I mean). Fougou’s subtle sunken psychedelia is a descent into, and through, the watery world of this 3”s title – moving through a society that’s unaware of the listener’s presence. This, only their second release, is truly a halcyon slice of music and layered like dust mites in intermittent sunshine. Their blending together of denseness, visual/aural trails and finger dab rushes beckons the kind of worlds usually found on new age/SF book covers - a world of verdant green and silver crystal. Their sound id anything but new age though, there's a gracefulness and an obscurity that's far beyond that sonic garishness. Atlantis is a interswirling of the normally disparate ‘istics’ – the mystic and futuristic. 9/10 -- Scott McKeating (2 June, 2010)"

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