Monday, 28 September 2009

Paineful Feedback

"A Scotland / US postal collaboration that sounds like it captured a piece of the sky while it was going on from one continent to the other. Some huge but transient (if you can call 31 minutes transient) processed psychedelic / drone thing.

Each to Each... sees the two Paine's circling the sky and smelted into one. There are passages that gently open tears in this solid cloud of swirling sound, pipe parts and feedback that come around again and again - making the parts into a somehow flickering whole." Scott McKeating / Rock a Rolla

"Collaboration album between two different guys with the same name, one an artist based in the USA and the other the CEO of Sonic Oyster and frequent Richard Youngs collaborator. One 31 minute track, recorded in a series of back-and-forth mail shots. The guitar has some of the Japanese amp worshipping form of Paine’s Mekonium Reaktor, albeit processed through the bedroom fuzz-monster style of UK units like Spacemen 3 and Flying Saucer Attack. Electric guitar, bass, keyboard, radios and subliminal vocals." (Volcanic Tongue)

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