Saturday, 29 August 2009

After Wednesday

My good friend Brian Lavelle is to release a recent project of mine called 'After Wednesday' on his excellent dust-unsettled label. Brian writes:

"This new release from Andrew Paine will surprise those who've heard his other releases - either as a solo artist, or recording together with Richard Youngs, Alistair Crosbie and others.

'After Wednesday' is a single composition, a contemplative, yet haunting, soundscape, composed only from several layers of minimalistic piano and subtle, processed field recordings. Recorded in Glasgow and on Holy Isle, it represents a turning point, a looking-outwards-and-onwards, and not just in musical terms. A very personal release, stunning in its simplicity."

One track.
Running time: 26:49

Catalogue number: DU05.
Release date: September 2009 (TBC).
Limitation: 100 copies.
Photography by Andrew Paine Design by Brian Lavelle. Professionally duplicated colour print disc, packaged in a printed 4 panel colour and black and white booklet, inside a plastic outer sleeve.

You can find more details, and a 4 minute excerpt of the piece, here:

You can also pre-order the disc here:

Copies will be available in a week or two and pre-orders will be sent out before the official release date.

It's just £5.00 in the UK; £6.00 elsewhere, including postage. Payment is by PayPal and you can send payment to rather than go through the website, if you prefer. Contact Brian if you're interested in taking a few copies for distribution at trade rates.

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